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Bike Service & Repair

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Does your favourite bike need a little TLC? To ensure you are promptly back riding, Freewheel staff will ask you a few questions so we can help you meet your riding goals and needs and offer you quoted pricing and timelines for your repair while you wait.  Our priority is to get everyone riding a bike, so if you have more than one bike and are able to be without your bike for longer, please let us know to help prioritize everyone’s needs.

During these unprecedented times we are limited by parts delays, yet we are doing everything we can to keep a wide range of parts in stock.

Tune-Up Package Options

Basic ‘ No Charge’ Tune $0

Any bike purchased new from Freewheel over the past 25 years qualifies for free LIFETIME basic tune-ups to the original owner. Anytime anything isn’t looking, feeling, or sounding right, we’re here to help.

Level 1 Tune $80

Clean and lubricate the chain, adjust gears, derailleur hanger and brake alignment for best performance, adjust headset and hubs, inflate tires to correct pressure, and tighten loose hardware.

Level 2 Tune $160

Everything covered under the Basic Tune plus wheel trues and balancing, ultrasonic drivetrain clean, and complete frame clean and polish.

Complete Overhaul Level 3 Tune -  $300 - $700

Everything covered in our Complete Tune plus the disassembly, inspection, and repacking of hubs, headset, and bottom bracket with bearings as needed, waterproof grease, plus installation of most new parts where required. Hydraulic brake, front suspension, and full suspension packages also available.

Ultrasonic Bike Cleaning

Your bike deserves a good deep clean at least once a season. Complete bike and drivetrain focused cleaning packages offer your bike a spa day. Mission critical drivetrain components are removed and given a bath in our ultrasonic cleaner before reinstallation. We’ll keep your bike looking and feeling like new.

Suspension Service

In addition to the service packages above Freewheel offers full in-house fork, shock and dropper seatpost service. We are currently the only Ontario bike shop offering in-house Fox nitrogen rear suspension overhauls and stock a range of seals for quick turnaround. The service techs at Freewheel can help you identify when your suspension parts need to be serviced and help with general setup and tuning tips.

Truing/Wheel Building

Our hand built wheels are built to the highest standards with hand selected parts to best suit your riding style. We build your new wheels by lubricating the spokes and nipples with linseed oil followed by balancing your wheels with high precision wheel specific tools to ensure durable, long lasting wheels.

Hydraulic Brake Bleeds

Replacement of hydraulic brake fluid keeps your brakes feeling consistent and working as intended to bring you safely to a stop. (Brake Bleed labour includes cost of fluid).

Tubeless Setup and Repair

Tubeless tires offer numerous benefits… Once installed with fresh sealant, regular service will keep you riding flat free. Unsure about tubeless? Our staff are eager and happy to answer any questions you may have about setup and regular service.

Hourly Rate

All service above is based on a $85 hourly shop rate of with a minimum $10 charge. If you have questions about pricing or would like a general quote please use our service appointment tool below.

Home Bike Repair 

We recommend having a few products at home to help you keep your bike in excellent working condition between your regular tune-ups. We have an excellent selection of essential tools, lubricants and cleaning products, and more. Shop online and pickup curbside!