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April 10th Update

What would a week of lockdown be without an update on regulations!?!?

Ontario has updated their regulations for retail establishments during this lockdown, which means we need to share some of these updates with you.

  • Curbside pickup ONLY. We are no longer allowed to offer curbside service for walk up customers. You MUST email or phone prior to have products prepaid for, or set aside for you.
  • With the latest lockdown our phones are seeing an ENORMOUS volume of calls. While we aren’t able to pickup the phone to every individual who calls, we are answering ALL of the voicemails that are left for us. We are HIGHLY encouraging folks to send us an email instead of calling as it’s easier for us to keep in contact with you that way.
  • You will still be able to pay for you repair or prepicked items at the front door of the store as long as they have been set aside prior to arriving at the business premises.
  • Unfortunately, this means bike sizing isn’t possible at this time.
  • You MUST arrange a time to drop off your bike for service.

We know this only adds another layer of complexity to the mix, but we simply want to do our best to keep everyone safe (and avoiding fines is a nice bonus too!)

Our hours of operation will continue to be:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday - 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Thursday, Friday - 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Thank you all for you continued support, and patience as we navigate all of this.

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During this challenging time, bikes can be a clean transportation alternative, a healthy stress-reducing activity, and a fun way to spend time with family outside. We're offering bike service by appointment to keep you rolling.

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