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We are uncertain what spinning will look like for the 2020/21 season. We are working hard to plan and try and make something work. Check back for updates soon!
– August 25, 2020

There is only one kind of SPINNING and you can do it at Freewheel. We run the authorized JOHNNY G. SPINNING program. Our Instructors are not just Johnny G. certified; they are real cyclists too! We ride on GTBC Titan bikes, featuring an industry standard 38lb flywheel, and oversized ISIS bearings for smooth pedaling performance. They are the best professional stationary bikes available.

SPINNERS fit and feel like real bikes. Participants may monitor their own effort level and progress with a heart rate monitor while riding. Hey, this is no exercise class – SPINNING is a bike ride… inside.

Spinning Calendar

If you are new to Freewheel Spinning, contact us to set up a membership so that you can sign up for classes right here on the calendar!


Do you have a beginner’s class? Nope, riders are able to individually tailor the ride to both their own fitness level and how they are feeling that day based on guidance from the instructor. Signing up is mandatory to reserve a bike. First time spinners should come 15 minutes early to their first class to permit the instructor time to set up bike fit, cover bike safety and explain heart rate monitor use.

What does it cost? Your first ride at Freewheel is FREE.  If you take a class and find that it just not your thing, no sweat!  Actually, there will be plenty of sweat, but you get the gist.  A single class is $15.  After three pay-as-you-go rides, we require you to purchase a package of classes.  A ten-pack is $130, a fifteen-pack is $180 and a thirty-pack is $330.  If you are super avid about Spinning at Freewheel, you can purchase the Season Pass for $550 which reserves you a bike in your two preferred weekly classes (week day evenings and Saturday morning) until we close down after the Paris-to-Ancaster race. 

How hard is Spinning? As hard as you want it to be. You control the resistance knob. The info provided by the instructor and a heart rate monitor will allow you to have a safe challenging workout. Stay in your “training zone” through the entire ride and you will have burned 500-700 calories in a 1 hour class. 

How often should I come Spinning? For any cardio-vascular fitness activity to be truely effective you should be doing it a minimum of twice a week. This will permit your body to adjust to the exercise intensity level properly and avoid “over-use” injuries. 

What do I wear and need to bring along? Dress as you would to cycle outside on a hot day. You are going to sweat… a lot. At a minimum you should wear padded bike shorts, a tshirt, and running shoes. If you are an avid cyclist, you know the benefit of your gear, wear it. Our bikes have SPD compatible pedals, so you can wear any cycling shoe with a compatible cleat (if you’re unsure, just ask!). Bring a water bottle and towel, we supply the bike. Anything else is up to you. 

I used to run/kickbox/do step classes and it hurt my knees. What about that? Cycling, with a properly fit bike is zero impact. A Johnny G Spinning bike can be adjusted to perfectly fit anyone. Not only will you avoid re-aggravating old injuries, you will strengthen the muscles and supporting tissues making your joints healthier than ever.