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Bike Rentals

Notice: All rentals suspended until further notice due to COVID.


Are you just visiting or wanting to join friends that already ride bikes? Would you like to try a mountain bike, fat bike or e-bike before you buy? Do you have a friend that you’ve been trying to get out on a ride with you? There are a pile of reasons to rent a bike and we help make it easy. If you decide to purchase any rental items after rental we will put your first rental towards a purchase.

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Mountain Bike Rental

Dundas area offers a range of trail networks such as Christie Lake, Iroquois Heights and Dundas Valley to explore on trail ready mountain bikes during the summer. We offer seasonal mountain bikes to match the riding conditions with hardtails during the summer and fall transitioning to fat bikes for the winter.


4 Hours

24 Hours

Add Helmet

Mountain Bike$50$65$5
Fat Bike (Seasonal)$50$65$5
Junior Mountain Bike$30$55$5
Trek Farley 5 (Small, Medium, Large, X-Large)
Trek X-Caliber 9 (Small, Medium/Large, Large, X-Large)
Adam's Trail-A-Bike (Age 3-5)
Adam's Trail-A-Bike (Age 4-6)
Opus Thunder 20" (Age 6-8)
Opus Fever 24" (Age 9-11)

E-bike Rental

Everyone can ride e-bike as it makes hills feel flat and allows you to ride with all skill levels while not running out of energy. With up to 120km range you can explore Hamilton and surrounding area quickly and easily. Helmets are required with all rentals and can be provided if needed.


4 Hours

24 Hours

Add Helmet


Townie Go! 8i (Step-Through)

Townie Go! 8i (Large)

The Townie’s Flat Foot Technology frame combined with a lower centre of gravity and 26” tires, provide an upright and comfortable ride. Add fenders to keep you clean, LED lighting to keep you safe and a rear rack to carry everything you need. It’s impossible not to smile while riding a Townie Go!

City Bikes

Freewheel supports local and is happy to suggest to anyone visiting the area as well as locals to try out an easy to rent local city bike, it’s also a great way to get out with friends and get into commuting.

SoBi Hamilton is the nonprofit local operator who keeps the Hamilton Bike Share system rolling smoothly with 825 bicycles and over 130 hubs. SoBi monitors the system 24 hours a day to ensure you have a bike available at your local hub, as well as parking available at your destination hub.

Check out SoBi at

Rentals > Bike Transport

Need a way to transport your new bike home or rentals to the trails? Well we offer a car rack rental as well. The Saris Bones RS is a versatile trunk mount rack that fits most vehicles, and carries up to three bikes. If you’re traveling with your bike and aren’t ready to commit to the price of a bike bag yet we offer a hard shell travel case that ensures you and your bike get to your destination in one piece. If you would like Freewheel to pack your bike please contact our service department for details.


1 Day

1 Week

1 Month

Car Rack$20$100N/A
Travel CaseN/A$50$200

Saris Bones RS (3 Bike)

Trico Hard Travel Case (3 available)

Rentals > Quarq Shockwiz

We offer you the option to setup the shock wiz with your bike and smart phone for 2 days of self tuning and adjustments or 2 days of shop assistance with setup and adjustments. We help install and make adjustments between rides adding and removing air, volume tokens and adjustment of rebound and compression for a custom tune.

Freewheel also services all major suspension brands in house with quick 48 hour turnaround on any repair using in-stock parts. We are the only bike shop in Ontario offering in-house nitrogen service on Fox suspension meaning you can be on your bike rather then it sitting in the shop. Please contact our service department for pricing and details.


2 Day

2 Day (Assisted)


ShockWiz is designed for all mountain bike riders, regardless of their riding style or bike setup. It works on hardtail and dual suspension bikes, and for all levels of skill, speed and terrain. ShockWiz teaches novices basic suspension tuning concepts and adjustments. It shows experts how one adjustment can affect others and helps them learn advanced tuning concepts.


Contact us to schedule your rental today.

Was it everything you dreamed of and more?

If you rent a bike and decide that you can’t live without it, we’ll gladly put your rental fee towards the purchase of a new bike. Take home a new bicycle within 30 days of your bike rental and we’ll credit you up to one week’s worth of rental fees!