Trek Émonda SLR 9

As with all industries the bike industry is constantly trying to revolutionize itself, attempting to reinvent the wheel (come to think of it, we quite literally have done that with all these new wheel sizes…). New products come out every day claiming to be the latest and greatest, the most convenient, the best product for your needs. Trek has been doing TONS of research, development, and product testing on new road bike frames, and they have done mighty well. The Émonda line of bicycles is here to be the lightest in each trim level. Resident roadie, employee, and general young whippersnapper Jesse decided to pick himself up an Émonda SLR 9, the second from the top level bike (Émonda SLR 10) and it sure is a great sight to see.


 Jesse Emonda

 Emonda Scale 2

No your eyesight isn’t going (well, it could be but…) this bike weighs only 14 lbs 10 oz. WITH PEDALS! AND A GARMIN!

Given the rather early snowy season we have seen Jesse hasn’t been able to get out on it too much. However, he did have the following to say

“The bike accelerates like no other on the rollers…”

Jokes aside. He did get out on it for a good rip stating

“It just goes. It’s super stiff but also really compliant at the same time. You can just feel when you put the pedals down that it wants to go”

Stay tuned for a more in depth review of this sweet bike! Maybe you’ll even pick one up for yourself! I guarantee you it will be one of the lightest bikes you’ve had, and it will significantly lighten your wallet!

Check out some more pictures of this sweet ride here:

Photo credit: James Marcaccio