The State of the Bicycle Industry and Freewheel’s Plan

As many of you may already know, the bicycle industry has seen a MASSIVE increase in demand for bicycles. This has made obtaining new bicycles incredibly difficult, as supply can only increase so much in response to  this heightened level of demand. We currently have over 600 bikes on backorder for next year.. These bikes on order have current estimated dates of arrival ranging from a small amount in the coming weeks, all the way through  August. If we place a new order for a bike today, the estimated date of arrival is currently somewhere between August, and November 2021. 

To attempt to combat this we are highly encouraging anyone who is interested in a bike for next year to place a refundable 25% deposit on a bike that we have on order, so that we can secure you a bike for next year. We want to see you on a new bike and we will attempt to avoid disappointment. When the bike arrives, we will do a sizing, like we have always done, to set the bike up for your body proportions and then you can take it for a test ride, all before reaching the commitment point.  If you find something else before your bike arrives, or aren’t interested in the bike anymore, we will happily refund your entire deposit. 

Already Have a Bike On Order?

Thank you so much, and we appreciate your patience. We have given you an ETA that coincides with what we’ve been told. Some of these ETA dates have shifted, and for that we apologize, but it is out of our control. Trek has sent us this note to provide us with some additional clarity on this:

From Trek:

“a. We continue to do our very best to supply you with ETA dates for bikes. This is a very difficult exercise that most other companies have simply abandoned.

b. The closer bikes are to their actual delivery date, the more accurate our ETAs have been.

i. 1-45 days: Bikes are in transit and dates are typically very good and reliable.
ii. 45-100 days: Bikes are scheduled to be produced, and dates can shift 1-2 weeks.
iii. 100+ days: This is our best estimate. Bikes have been ordered, but not on production schedule.”

As soon as your bike arrives and is built, we will be sure to contact you.  We will continue to offer the same awesome perks you’ve come to expect from your new bike purchase at Freewheel Cycle; basic sizing to ensure the bike is set up for your body proportions and preferences, taxes-in on accessories at time of bike purchase and free basic tune-ups for as long as you own that bike. 

December Hours

For the month of December we will be extending our hours slightly. 

We will be moving to:

Tuesday – Saturday 10:00am – 5:00pm EXCEPTING
Thursday 10:00am – 7:00pm

We know our reduced hours have been difficult for many, and we are so incredibly grateful for your patience as we made it through this year with heavily reduced hours. We are hopeful that the later hours on Thursday will provide easier opportunities for folks to bring their bikes in and more.