Sunday Spinning Classes Now Available!

Great news, everyone!
Freewheel’s popular Winter Spinning program is now offering TWO-HOUR classes on Sunday mornings from 9:00-11:00!
Although these rides aren’t *quite* as intense as the regular week night one-hour rides, they take you into a different endurance zone that a one-hour class can’t.  Consider a one-hour indoor ride to be equivalent to a two-hour outdoor ride in terms of your energy expenditure.  A two-hour indoor ride?  Now we’re talking the equivalent of a three- or four-hour outdoor ride.
Words of wisdom: You will sweat A LOT during a two-hour indoor ride as your body attempts to cool off (and yes, we have a bunch of fans for air movement). We recommend bringing two bottles of water and a bit of food.  Better yet, since your sweat contains lots of electrolytes that your muscles need for proper function, seriously consider adding a supplement to your water bottles to replace those vital nutrients.  Freewheel stays well-stocked with goodies from Hammer Nutrition, Louis Garneau, and Clif.
Hammer offers HEED (High Endurance Electrolyte Drink) and Perpetuem (HEED plus extra proteins for muscle recovery) as well as energy-boosting gels.
Louis Garneau makes some of the best tasting energy gels in the business as well as their Extra Electrolyte Sports Drink.
Clif makes a handy product called Shot Bloks.  These are chewy little treats packed with easy to digest sugars.  Our favourite for electrolyte replacement is the Margarita flavour since it packs in three times the salt content of the other flavours.

In terms of cost, Sunday rides count as 1.5 regular rides.  If you’re just getting into Spinning at Freewheel, we recommend doing a few of our one-hour classes before jumping into the two-hour rides but if you’re fit and/or experienced, don’t hold back!
Sign up by phone or in person.
Hope to see you here!

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Linus Bicycles

Freewheel is proud to announce that we will be carrying Linus Bicycles beginning Spring 2014. Linus offers a variety of affordable city bikes, featuring elegant, vintage styling and modern simplicity. The lineup includes comfortable cruisers for ladies and gents, classic race-inspired bikes and everything in between!

Racer Dutchi 3

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Bright Ideas

Whether we like it or not, it’s that time of year again. Night is creeping up on us faster every day. Next week will be our last road ride of the season due to the earlier sunsets. But we’re not ready to give up riding yet and neither are you! You’ve invested in your bike and it only makes sense that you get as much use out of it as possible. The solution: Night riding lights.

Live from the Berlin Fashion Show: Adam is shining star in town with his ensemble of assorted light accoutrements. Photo courtesy of Tom Bishop.

With a night riding light, you’re not limited by the changing seasons. Not only do these lights help to extend your riding season, they also offer a whole new riding experience. Trails you’ve ridden countless times in the day feel completely new at night. What’s more, your lights will also point out wildlife on the trail that would otherwise go unnoticed: There’s nothing like shining your light into a field and being met with the illuminated eyes of dozens of deer.

What happens when you get almost 80 riders together for a night ride? Good times. Keep your eye out for this year’s iteration. Photo courtesy of Phil Szczepaniak

Freewheel’s got you covered with night lights from Serfas ($149.99 for the True 500 and $164.99 for the True 750), Nite Rider ($184.99 for the Lumina 650), and Blackburn ($84.99 for the Scorch1.0). Compared to previous generations of lighting systems, these lights last longer, shine brighter, weigh less, and cost less. Gone are the days of your battery occupying a water bottle cage. Rather, the batteries of these devices are integrated into the light themselves for a cleaner, simpler system.

Once you’ve got your new light, make sure that you’re mounting it right: Night lights most often come with two separate mounting options – one for your handlebar and another for your helmet. If this is your first and only night riding light, be sure to make use of the helmet mount first. Simply put: the light shines on what you’re looking at rather than where your bars are pointed. In the tight, twisty single track trails of Southern Ontario, this is a huge advantage.

The trails aren’t going anywhere just because it’s dark. Getting yourself a night riding light can help extend your riding season and offer you a whole new riding experience. Investing in a light gives you more time to enjoy the sport you love and to add a whole new dimension to it.

See you out on the trails!

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Holiday Monday

This upcoming holiday Monday (September 2nd), Freewheel will be closed because we’re all going riding! We’ll see you next week!

Scratch that, we’ll be OPEN! Freewheel will be able to accommodate all of your cycling needs on Labour Day Monday from 10am until 5pm.


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Shimano Ultegra Pedal Sale!!

Upgrading your old road bike pedals? Considering shoes and pedals for your new road bike?  Shimano’s Ultegra pedals have been bestsellers in Shimano’s pedal lineup for years.  Smooth-turning bearings, low weight, and a low stack height make them top performers.

Good news!  They’re now on sale!

Ultegra 6700 Carbon: Was $299.99  Now $199.99 !!

Ultegra 6700: Was $199.99  Now $149.99 !!

Shimano Ultegra pedal

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Shimano Shoe Deal!

Treat Your Feet to some Fresh Kicks!

Buy $100 or more in Shimano footwear and receive up to $110 in product at retail value.

Here’s the nitty gritty:

Spend this much…

$100.00 to $199.99

$200.00 to $299.99

$300.00 or more

*before taxes 🙂

Receive this much…

Peal Izumi Water Bottle. $10 Value

Pearl Izumi Attack Socks. 3-Pack. $25 Value

Shimano 10L Unzen Hudration Pack. $110 Value







Shimano Shoe post 1  Shimano Shoe pic 2

This deal expires August 30th, 2013 so twinkle your toes on in here and freshen up your footwear!

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Women’s Learn To Mountain Bike 2: Advanced Skills

Womens Learn To Advanced

Ever wanted to take the next step and actually use your mountain bike for what it was designed to do? This one day course will help you do just that, giving you the skills and confidence to tackle the gnarliest of single track.  Among the skills you will have by day’s end are: how to clear logs; ride the rocks; descending and climbing with power and speed; and other skills to help you become a more confident rider.

Date: July 21, 2013 9:00am to 3:00pm

Rain Date: July 28 2013 9:00am to 3:00pm

Location: meeting at Freewheel Cycle, Dundas, Ontario. We will be carpooling up to Kelso Conservation Area.

Cost: $85 includes instruction, lunch, snacks


To sign up you can either call (905 628-5126) or visit Freewheel Cycle at 9 King St West in Dundas, Ontario.

What you will need to bring:

  • your bicycle (shop quality mountain bike)
  • helmet
  • water bottle(s) or camelback
  • wear comfortable riding clothes

We will be spending the day on the trails in at Kelso. To practice your cycling skills we will be using the available terrain and some man-made obstacles.

You will be outside for the entire day so please come prepared for the weather. If needed, the decision about canceling due to rain will be made by the Friday before the course and the alternate date will be posted. Please check here on our website or call the shop at 905 628-5126.

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