Freewheel MTB Academy

A lesson with a certified instructor, tailored to your specific needs, is the best way to gain confidence and unlock new skills. Whether you’re sampling the sport for the first time or striving to conquer elusive trail features, our lessons have you covered. From basic skills to get you rolling safely in the forest to bunnyhopping logs with ease.

Learning is more fun when it’s shared, so grab some friends and turn your progression session into a semi-private lesson. (Group size 2-5 adults)

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This level is designed for the “never-ever” mountain biker, with a focus on developing fundamental bike handling for a fun and safe foray into mountain biking. With an emphasis on safety, we explore body position, using the brakes and changing gears and getting comfortable on the trails as well as the importance of trail etiquette.


Expanding on solid foundation of mountain biking skills and techniques is key to building confidence on the trail. Focusing on further development of body position, increasing proficiency with changing gears, braking, and cornering, then building on these core elements to explore navigating hills and obstacles.


Polishing up your MTB skills will have you climbing with power, descending with confidence, flowing through corners, and floating over obstacles. Increased proficiency with these skills will lead into developing advanced maneuvers such as bunnyhops and wheelies.

Women’s Learn To Mountain Bike Course
$150 (May 25-26)

Taught by Trek Women’s Advocates and PMBI certified coaches Melanie Poel and Mari Evans, this annual 1.5 day course covers everything you need to get out on the trails. The first day covers core bike handling skills, includes a delicious lunch and an afternoon learning about basic bike maintenance and equipment. For the second day, we load up the bikes and take our new skills to the trails! We continue to build on our foundation skills on the beautiful trails at Christie Lake before wrapping things up with a group photo.

Learn To Ride (Adult)

Whether you have never ridden a bicycle or it has been a very long time, this lesson is just what you need to get rolling. Your 1 hour lesson will cover a bicycle safety check, mounting and dismounting the bike, starting and stopping safely, using the controls and hand signals. All of this is taught in a safe and inviting learning environment.

Learning is more fun when it’s shared, so bring a friend for $30.


Helmets – Required for all lessons. Must be cycling specific and less than 5 years old.

Mountain Bikes – All bikes must be an appropriate trail bike in good working order. (Sorry but for your safety: no department store bikes!)

About the Instructor(s):

Melanie Poel had been leading rides for Freewheel Cycle for 5 seasons. Her passion for instructing is so strong that in 2017 she decided to make it her profession, gaining certification by the Professional Mountain Bike Instructors Association and fully embracing the cycling world. She now works full time at Freewheel Cycle and is happily pursuing her passion for instructing. Mel Poel is also a Trek Women’s Advocate, Hamilton Burlington Mountain Bike Association executive, a novice indoor climber and delightfully terrible cross country skier.

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