February 13, 2021 Update

On Tuesday, February 16, 2021 Hamilton will be moving into the Red – Control zone of the COVID-19 framework. As such there will be some changes to the daily functions of our store. 


The shop will be open for customers to come in again! No more parking lot sizing and bringing products out for you to see them in the cold. Maximum occupancy inside is limited to 50% of regular capacity according to the latest ruling in Red – Control zone. As such our total occupancy will be 6 customers. If you come to the front door during our open hours and the door is locked, please wait patiently. We will bring you into the building as soon as capacity allows.


Curbside pickup and service dropoff will still be available through the back door. Simply come to our parking lot, ring the doorbell in the centre of the back wall, and someone will come outside to help you momentarily.  As always, we are also happy to help you via phone and email.


If you participated in the Trek Strava challenge this summer and have yet to pick up your prize, please do so as soon as possible. The prizes will only be available until April 3, 2021.


Thank you again to everyone for your patience and support through these challenging times.