Say No To The Bike Show!


October 7th-15th 2017

At Freewheel, we are committed to helping our customers find the perfect bicycle that suits how they ride, and fits perfectly. Events like the Toronto International Bike Show create an environment that makes it quite challenging to give each customer the attention that they deserve. This is why we instead have our own sale event running all week that allows us to spend the time required to match you to the right bicycle.

Instead of battling the crowds at the bike show, pay us a visit and we will put in the effort to give you the bicycle buying experience you’re looking for. At Freewheel you will find advice from experienced riders, unparalleled bicycle fitting services, and a fantastic selection of bikes and accessories.

In addition to the bikes that we have on sale, there’s also an amazing selection of clothing and accessories that are priced to move! This is the time to load up on the gear you need for the 2018 riding season!

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Queen of Clean: Bike Cleaning 101 for Ladies

We love gettin’ down & dirty on our bikes, sometimes quite literally, so it’s important to know how to get your whip back in fine fettle. A clean bike not only looks sexy, it performs better and lasts longer.

Join us on September 24th at this women’s focused clinic to learn how to clean and care for your noble two-wheeled steed. You will learn proper bike cleaning techniques, maintenance of the chain and care of your suspension system.

There is a $20 registration fee that will get you some snacks, beverages and a head full of knowledge. You are encouraged to bring your dirty bike and be prepared to roll up your sleeves.

Space is limited so register early! Give us a call to let us know you are coming: 905 628-5126

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Freewheel Is Open Late All Year!


Starting this Sunday, September 17, we will be switching to our fall/winter hours.

Monday – Friday 10:00am – 8:00pm
Saturday – 10:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday – 12:00pm – 5:00pm

Freewheel is open late every weeknight, and open Sundays all year round. Whilst other shops severely reduce their fall/winter hours, we understand that most of you lead busy 9-6 weekday work lives. This makes it challenging to find time during your busy workday to visit your local bike shop. Not Freewheel! We’re here when it’s convenient for you!

Additionally, any time our doors are open we have a certified mechanic on hand to address your service questions and needs. Whether its repairing the aftermath of your last crash or performing a tune-up, we’ll get your bike working like new. Better yet we’ll do so within 48 hours if all the necessary parts are on hand.


P.S. It has been a great summer of cycling. After all of your summer adventures, your bike might need a little TLC, so visit us for a fall tune-up. Also, if you were hoping to catch some end-of-season deals, you should check out some of the bikes available here, or better yet – visit us for a test ride!

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Adventure Further, Climb Longer, and Commute Effortlessly!

Have you ever wanted to adventure further, confidently ride with other cyclists, tackle bigger hills, or simply get from point A to point B without breaking a sweat? Electric-assist bikes can do all of these things! Riding an electric assist bike feels a lot like riding a regular bike, but the specially designed motors amplify your pedalling ability. We are sure that your first test ride will put a smile on your face.

One of the appeals to pedal-assist is being able to keep up with almost anyone else on any bike. Pedal-assist spans the gap between different riders’ skill levels, for example a spouse that is not as active, or has a knee/hip issue. This technology can help new riders gain the confidence to embark on new adventures with more experienced cyclists. If you have been off of your bike for a while due to health issues, electric-assist can help you get right back into the action.

Range is a big factor for many riders. These bikes are capable of assisting you for 60-120km, depending on which model, as well as where and how you ride. This range is perfect for most commutes and cycling adventures. After your ride, just plug your charger into a wall outlet and it will be fully charged after 3-5 hours.

Our pedal assist bikes all feature very intuitive designs. The motor and battery are mounted very low in the frame to provide a stable, confidence-inspiring ride. Maintenance is pretty much the same as any other bicycle, the only exception being that you may want to store your battery indoors if your bike is otherwise exposed to extreme temperatures while parked or stored. All components of the electric-assist system are waterproof, so you are free to ride your bike whenever and wherever you please.

Let’s take a look at a few of the pedal-assist bikes available at Freewheel Cycle! We stock these, and many other models, so give us a visit, and we will help you find the perfect bike.

Trek Neko+

For fantastic all-around capabilities, look no further than the Trek Neko+. This bike is equally comfortable on roads, paths, and light trails. The Shimano STEPS electric-assist system provides smooth and balanced power. The frame has a dual-sport fit which provides confidence and comfort.

Opus Connect

The Connect is perfect for long adventures, and commutes. It features an intuitive step-through frame, making it very easy to ride. A sturdy rack, and included Blackburn pannier bag allows you to carry cargo effortlessly. It is also powered by Shimano STEPS.

Electra Townie GO! 8i

The Townie GO! 8i fuses modern electric-assist technology with fun retro styling. The frame geometry keeps your feet close to the ground, so coming to a stop is breezy. The electric components are made by Bosch, providing optimum range and durability.

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The Season Never Ends – Freewheel Dirt Girls Guest Ride & BBQ

There’s a party on the trails and you are invited!

  • Sunday September 17th
  • 2:00pm to 7:00pm
  • Meet at Freewheel Cycle, 9 King St West, Dundas, ON
  • Tickets: $5 (Click here to purchase)

The Freewheel Dirt Girls made a lot of new friends this summer and rode a lot of new trails. Now it’s our turn to invite our friends to come ride our ‘home’ trails. Welcome all new friends and friends we haven’t even met yet!

We will be showcasing our awesome trail network to fellow amazing women mountain bikers with beginner, intermediate and advanced rides. There will be something for riders of all skill levels.

  • Beginner: about 10km of single and doubletrack with less than 100m of climbing.
  • Intermediate: 20-25km mix of single and doubletrack as well as paved road. The climbing will include an on-road climb of the escarpment for an approximate total of 300m climbing.
  • Advanced: 30km, a mix of road, single and doubletrack as well as more than 400m of challenging-but-doable climbing.

This is a women’s focused ride. Men are welcome to join in the fun so long as they respect our ride as a fun and empowering women’s mountain bike ride.

And after the ride, we will host a tailgate party in the parking lot of Freewheel Cycle with refreshments and a BBQ.

Please click here to sign the waiver.

Our rain date will be October 1, but Mel has guaranteed that we won’t need it!!

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Dundas Cactus Festival August 18th-20th

This weekend is the Dundas Cactus FestivalDuring the festival, we will be open for business as usual so it’s a great time to come try out a new bike, or shop for some awesome new gear. If you’re planning a visit to Freewheel this weekend, we would like to remind you that there will be customer parking available at the rear. King St. will be closed for the festival, so you may access our parking lot via Cross St. from Park St. (and of course parking in front of the store on King St. will not be available). There will be a traffic barrier at Cross St. that you may pass to reach our parking lot.

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Riding A Wild Goose Chase!

On Sunday August 27th we will be hosting a biking Scavenger Hunt through Dundas. This team based event will have you riding around Dundas solving challenges and finding secret locations. You will discover things about Dundas that you never knew.

Each team will work together to ride, solve challenges, and earn points on this fun filled Scavenger Hunt through Dundas. We are certain that you will discover new things about Dundas as you work with your team and strategize together on this “Wild Goose Chase.”

  • Teams will consist of 4-5 riders
  • Ride starts 10 am from the back parking lot of Freewheel Cycle
  • Ride length approx. 10km
  • Duration approx. 1 ½ hours
  • A bike in good working order
  • A cold drink and maybe some pocket change
  • If you have a cell phone download the free Goosechase App.

All riders must wear a cycling helmet and sign our online waiver to register your participation.


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Ride & Discover Dundas History

William Lyon Mackenzie slept here….. and now we will ride here!

On Sunday July 30th come celebrate the 180th Anniversary of William Lyon Mackenzie’s infamous Rebellion in 1837 and discover how Dundas was an important refuge for Mackenzie.

We will be joined by Stan Nowak, our favourite Dundas historical enthusiast who will show us famous historical landmarks in Dundas visited by Mackenzie when he was retreating from his Rebellion attempt in 1837.

This ride will be at a conversational pace and include 6 stops, some short walks with lots of  history and stories.

  • Ride starts 10 am from the back parking lot of Freewheel Cycle
  • Ride length approx. 10km
  • Duration approx. 1 ½ hours
  • Any bike in good working order will do
  • All riders must wear a cycling helmet and sign our online waiver to register your participation

Click Here for Waiver

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Father’s Day Bike and Brewery Ride

Sunday June 18th at 11:00am

Discover New Micro Breweries right in our own backyard! Well, almost.

What better way to celebrate Dad than to explore our local micro breweries by bike? Take Dad on a discovery ride past Spencer Creek up to the Rail Trail. Along the Rail Trail we will stop for a tour and sampling at two brand new West Hamilton Craft Breweries: Fairweather Brewing Company and Grain & Grit Beer Co.! We will then head back into Dundas to end our ride at Shawn & Ed Brewing Co where you can kick back and relax because your ride is over!

(Bringing Dad is suggested but totally optional. Being 19+ is not optional, it’s a must.)

The ride departs from the back parking lot at Freewheel Cycle in Dundas. Grab any kind of bike and dust it off but do make sure it is in safe working order. Bring some pocket money as it will be handy at the breweries. Helmets are mandatory! And so is signing the following waiver >>> link

This Discovery Social Ride will be 10km and at a leisurely pace.

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