Adventure Further, Climb Longer, and Commute Effortlessly!

Have you ever wanted to adventure further, confidently ride with other cyclists, tackle bigger hills, or simply get from point A to point B without breaking a sweat? Electric-assist bikes can do all of these things! Riding an electric assist bike feels a lot like riding a regular bike, but the specially designed motors amplify your pedalling ability. We are sure that your first test ride will put a smile on your face.

One of the appeals to pedal-assist is being able to keep up with almost anyone else on any bike. Pedal-assist spans the gap between different riders’ skill levels, for example a spouse that is not as active, or has a knee/hip issue. This technology can help new riders gain the confidence to embark on new adventures with more experienced cyclists. If you have been off of your bike for a while due to health issues, electric-assist can help you get right back into the action.

Range is a big factor for many riders. These bikes are capable of assisting you for 60-120km, depending on which model, as well as where and how you ride. This range is perfect for most commutes and cycling adventures. After your ride, just plug your charger into a wall outlet and it will be fully charged after 3-5 hours.

Our pedal assist bikes all feature very intuitive designs. The motor and battery are mounted very low in the frame to provide a stable, confidence-inspiring ride. Maintenance is pretty much the same as any other bicycle, the only exception being that you may want to store your battery indoors if your bike is otherwise exposed to extreme temperatures while parked or stored. All components of the electric-assist system are waterproof, so you are free to ride your bike whenever and wherever you please.

Let’s take a look at a few of the pedal-assist bikes available at Freewheel Cycle! We stock these, and many other models, so give us a visit, and we will help you find the perfect bike.

Trek Neko+

For fantastic all-around capabilities, look no further than the Trek Neko+. This bike is equally comfortable on roads, paths, and light trails. The Shimano STEPS electric-assist system provides smooth and balanced power. The frame has a dual-sport fit which provides confidence and comfort.

Opus Connect

The Connect is perfect for long adventures, and commutes. It features an intuitive step-through frame, making it very easy to ride. A sturdy rack, and included Blackburn pannier bag allows you to carry cargo effortlessly. It is also powered by Shimano STEPS.

Electra Townie GO! 8i

The Townie GO! 8i fuses modern electric-assist technology with fun retro styling. The frame geometry keeps your feet close to the ground, so coming to a stop is breezy. The electric components are made by Bosch, providing optimum range and durability.